Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM

This is to introduce you Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM and to  give you a brief description on the purpose of using it and to explain advantages of combining Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dynamics CRM for Marketing purposes. Following navigation item shows after the connector installation in Dynamics CRM.


What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing cloud is a digital marketing platform to reach each individual customer in different ways by delivering the right message at right time in a very personalized way in the process of marketing. Interaction can be created through Emails, Social media, Mobile and Web for marketing campaigns in different techniques such as surveys, promotions, questionnaires, advertising and many more techniques. Continue reading “Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM”


Publishing Products in Dynamics CRM

Products in the CRM product catalog need to be published before they used in Quotes, Orders and in Invoices. There are several ways to publish products. Recently I wanted to import a list of products to a Dynamics CRM from another system. I imported them directly to the CRM using data import wizard but faced difficulties when publishing them in CRM. From Products view, CRM doesn’t allow to publish multiple products at once as bulk edit feature.

Publish Products under a Product Family

Select the product family and from the ribbon select Publish Hierachy. CRM will publish the product family and all the items under it such as products, bundles and kits.



Publish Products with no Product Family

Whenever a product created in CRM, that is published(Active) automatically by enabling this setting under System Settings in CRM. But this is only applicable for the products with no product family.



You can Publish Products programmatically using CRM SDK as well 🙂