ISSUE: The plug-in type could not be found in the plug-in assembly

I registered one plugin assembly with two plugins written targeted to contact entity and registered in one of Dynamics CRM 2015 Online instances. It worked properly after adding steps into it. Here I am discussing the issue raised, an observation was done and the solution to the issue. But this only on a scenario for … Continue reading ISSUE: The plug-in type could not be found in the plug-in assembly

Generate Invoice from Opportunity when Closing as Won

Sales process is one of the main OOTB business processes in Dynamics CRM. During the sales process Opportunities can be created from Leads (Potential Customers) and opportunities contain opportunity products. From opportunities, quotes can be created, orders can be created from quotes and then invoices can be created from orders. In this post let's see … Continue reading Generate Invoice from Opportunity when Closing as Won

Capture Associate\Disassociate Events in Plugins

Plugins can be used to execute\perform a task in a event of changing a field of a record in an entity in CRM. Update message can be used in plugins when updating a field in an entity but how can we trigger an event when adding or removing a child record exists under a Many to Many … Continue reading Capture Associate\Disassociate Events in Plugins

Debugging a Plug-in

Plugin is a .NET assembly that can be used to intercept events generated from the CRM system to perform a variety of actions. Some common plug-ins will perform a complicated update routine on CRM entities and\or attributes when it might be impractical to use Javascript or Workflow. Not like in most of the other developments, … Continue reading Debugging a Plug-in

CRM 2011 Autonumbering Solution

Auto numbering features are important in any business application to accomplish some business needs. Same in the CRM application and it needs additional customizations and plugin(or a custom workflow) to be implemented for the entity to statisfy auto numbering requirements. Jaimie Ji has a solution for this in CodePlex and this post is to demonstrate how to … Continue reading CRM 2011 Autonumbering Solution

Debug a CRM Plug-in using the Plug-in Profiler

Debugging CRM Plugins is no longer difficult with Plug-in Profiler. Follow the steps below and try to debug a CRM plugin in your environment. 1.Build the Plug-in Registration tool according to the instructions in its Readme file. The tool can be found in the Tools\PluginRegistration folder of the SDK download. Current version of the SDK … Continue reading Debug a CRM Plug-in using the Plug-in Profiler

Plugin Deployment Options – Dynamics CRM

The 3 storage options are: Database, Disk and GAC. The main differences between these are: Database: The assembly dll is stored in the database, rather than the file system. The major advantages are that the assembly need only be deployed once multiple CRM servers are available, and that no additional action is required to restore … Continue reading Plugin Deployment Options – Dynamics CRM