“Not In” \ “Does Not Have” Query in Dynamics CRM – By Cobalt

In Dynamics CRM Advanced Find, Querries can be built for various conditions \ for various filter criteria. But, "Not In" type queries cannot be built and it doesn't work with OOTB querying. Cobalt has a cool feature which allows users to make "Not In" \ "Does Not Have" types of queries in Advanced Find and … Continue reading “Not In” \ “Does Not Have” Query in Dynamics CRM – By Cobalt

Send Bulk Emails and Track Stats Back to CRM with PowerMailChimp

Maintaining campaigns, marketing lists and sending emails to different marketing lists in bulk are usual processes in Marketing. Dynamics CRM provides a useful set of functionalities under Marketing. MailChimp provides lot of web based features including Email designer, Email Template Creator, integration with different web applications, maintaining campaigns, create campaigns using mobile etc... http://mailchimp.com/ PowerMailChimp connects Dynamics … Continue reading Send Bulk Emails and Track Stats Back to CRM with PowerMailChimp

Dynamics CRM 2015 Copy Price List

Having a large number of products under a price list means, there are large amount of price list items associating with them. Whenever a new price list is added to the CRM, price lists items are to be created even if the prices are same in that price list. "Copy Price List" is to duplicate … Continue reading Dynamics CRM 2015 Copy Price List

Connections VS Relationships in CRM

Relationships are one the strengths in CRM and it was there from its beginning and Connections introduced with CRM 2011. Recently I had to decide whether the use CRM connections or relationships to implement a feature in CRM and I found pros and cons of using each as solutions. Also I have given my ideas according … Continue reading Connections VS Relationships in CRM

CRM 2015 has been Released

You can now experience Dynamics CRM 2015 online and on-premise. Specially some enhancements have been added to the new features launched with CRM 2013 and great new features have been introduced with the latest version. You can find more downloads related to CRM 2015 from here http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/search/Results.aspx?q=dynamics%20crm%202015&form=DLC