Data Migration to Dynamics CRM using SSIS – SS SLUG

Data migration is a vital part of a software project if it moving from one system to another. It is further important if the new system is a Microsoft Dynamics product like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I was able to disscuss and to have a session at Sql Server Sri Lanka User Group October meeting. Anyone …

dtexec Utility (SSIS Tool)

You can run dtsx (SSIS Package) files in powershell using this tool.EXEC xp_cmdshell 'dtexec /f "C:\DATA\EligibilityCategory.dtsx"'The following example shows how to run the same package and capture the return code:DECLARE @returncode intEXEC @returncode = xp_cmdshell 'dtexec /f "C:\DATA\EligibilityCategory.dtsx"'Following values will be returned;