Road to Smart Flows (Part 2) : XperiDo to Smart Flows Migration

This is one of two connected posts to introduce document generation features with Xpertdoc Smart Flows, explaining the important steps and issues faced during XperiDo to Smart Flows migration.

Connected Posts:

This post explains the main steps when moving to Smart Flows from XperiDo. Also, this discusses some practical issues, important information to understand during the migration.

Step 1: Get access to an Smart Flow environment/server

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SMS Integration with Dynamics 365 + Microsoft Flow + Nexmo

Microsoft Power Platform brings a great set of tools to customize, extend capabilities of most of the favorite apps and create new apps online. Power BI, Power Apps, and Flow are the three pillars of Power Platform.

Microsoft Flow

In the modern world, so many applications from different technologies exist and integrating them was a challenge and now Microsoft Flow can be used to create workflows between different apps.


Nexmo provides various cloud-based APIs such as SMS, Voice, User Authentication, User Identity APIs. Nexmo says SMS API allows you to send and receive text messages to users around the globe through simple RESTful APIs and having following features.

  • Programmatically send and receive a high volume of SMS anywhere in the world.
  • Build apps that scale with the web technologies that you are already using.
  • Send SMS with low latency and high delivery rates.
  • Receive SMS for free using SMS-enabled local numbers in countries around the world.
  • Only pay for the usage.

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Dynamics 365 + CTI / IVR Integration

What is CTI / IVR?

Computer Telephony Integration, CTI enables computer systems to interacts with the telephone system. There are two main forms of CTI which are Outbound dialing and Inbound call handling.

Interactive Voice Response, IVR is a well-known technology which allows computer systems to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF(Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones input via the keypad.

How does it work?

Simply, when a customer communicates with a customer care service using the telephone, IVR system can interact with the customer to verify information during the call. This can be Outbound or Inbound, but most organizations use IVR only for handling Inbound calls. Continue reading “Dynamics 365 + CTI / IVR Integration”