Register all Assemblies in GAC at once

GACUTIL is the tool available to register assemblies to the GAC.
Eg.g gacutil.exe /i C:\MyAssemblies\test1.dll
But if there are more than one assemblies to be registered, use following in the command prompt
FOR %a IN (C:\MyAssemblies\*.dll) DO GACUTIL /i %a


Reference an Image Web Resource from Site Map SubArea

Adding an image to the site map can be done by two ways.

  1. Giving a image path from the icon folder
  2. Giving a path from the web resources

Giving a path from the web resources is very effective in CRM 2011, as web resources are always reside with CRM Solutions. Follow the steps given below to add an image from web resources.

  • Upload the image as a web resource to the solution. (E.g. swcmt_CommitteesSiteMapIcon24x24)

  • Publish the solution and export the un-managed solution.
  • Extract the zip file and open the “customizations.xml” file from the Visual Studio (or any other xml editor).
  • Find the “<Area>” tag that the new image needed.
  • Modify the xml as follows;

<Area Id="SWCmt" ResourceId="Area_Committee" Title="Committees" ShowGroups="true" Icon=”$webresource:swcmt_CommitteesSiteMapIcon24x24″ DescriptionResourceId=”Committee_Description”>

It shows in the CRM application as follows;