Road to Smart Flows (Part 2) : XperiDo to Smart Flows Migration

This is one of two connected posts to introduce document generation features with Xpertdoc Smart Flows, explaining the important steps and issues faced during XperiDo to Smart Flows migration.

Connected Posts:

This post explains the main steps when moving to Smart Flows from XperiDo. Also, this discusses some practical issues, important information to understand during the migration.

Step 1: Get access to an Smart Flow environment/server

Importing Xpertdoc Smart Flows solution files for dynamics 365 CE

Set security roles within Dynamics 365 CE

Select a user and add the Xpertdoc related roles to the user

Configure Smart Flows project console

At least one Xpertdoc project needs to be there to host all the flows, templates, data sets, connectors etc…

Connecting Xpertdoc with Dynamic 365 CE instance.

Following step will create the Smart Flow configuration record in Dynamics 365 CE if the Xpertdoc solution is found.

Import project components exported from XperiDo

This is the most important step in migration. XperiDo components have to be importable to the Smart Flows environment. Xpertdoc (support) can help to convert XperiDo projects to one importable file and zip it.


Once the zip file is received, it can be extracted and a .xpa file is included in the zip file.

  • XDCrmCRMFortressProdProject_migration.xpa
  • XDCrm – Prefix
  • CRMFortress – Organization name given to XperiDo and it can be any thing
  • ProdProject – the project with the production CRM environment

Setup MS Word Template Builder Add-in

Important steps during migration

Component import logic/sequence

When the XperiDo project file is imported to Xpertdoc, the wizard will opt the user to select Flows, Templates, Data Sets and the connectors to be imported.

If any Flow is selected, the wizard will automatically include all the templates, data sets and the connectors for the selected Flow.

The user will not see the automatically selected components below.

The logic in this import step:

Flows listed – a flow for each template you could actually generate a document on in XperiDo. Behind the scene it will also import the needed templates and data sets needed.

Templates listed – all templates where the system cannot generate a flow. Behind the scene it will also import the needed data sets needed.

Data set listed – all data sets not used by any template.

Importing Assets

Assets are not migrated through the .xpa file.

Need to import assets manually.


XperiDo Knowledgebase

Xpertdoc Knowledgebase


Author: Indika Abayarathne

MSc in IT [University of Colombo] Solutions Architect | Consultant Technologies: Power Platform | Dynamics CE | Azure

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