Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM

This is to introduce you Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM and to  give you a brief description on the purpose of using it and to explain advantages of combining Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dynamics CRM for Marketing purposes. Following navigation item shows after the connector installation in Dynamics CRM.


What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing cloud is a digital marketing platform to reach each individual customer in different ways by delivering the right message at right time in a very personalized way in the process of marketing. Interaction can be created through Emails, Social media, Mobile and Web for marketing campaigns in different techniques such as surveys, promotions, questionnaires, advertising and many more techniques.

You can get good understanding regarding Salesforce Marketing Cloud in here

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics CRM is to maintain all the existing customers\people in the organizations (contacts), potential customers (leads) and businesses (accounts). Also in CRM there can be different types of campaigns to business purposes and marketing lists with contacts, leads and accounts in different criteria. Basically the customer relationship will be managed from CRM side.

Marketing cloud is to track everything on the campaign maintained in Dynamics CRM using its advanced tools. E.g. Email management, responses from receivers, surveys and different types of promotions depending on the user interest.

Marketing Cloud Connector is to connect both CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and make the business easy as one platform to be used for only a specific need rather than duplicating the work in both environments.

Why using Connector, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dynamics CRM together?

Marketing cloud has more advanced features in marketing which extends the campaign features in Dynamics CRM. Following article provides a very good explanation on the reasons to use connector with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dynamics CRM




Author: Indika Abayarathne

MSc in IT [University of Colombo] Solutions Architect | Consultant Technologies: Power Platform | Dynamics CE | Azure

One thought on “Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM”

  1. Hi,
    I have been trying to find a way to integrate MS Dynamic CRM with Marketing Cloud but dint find a proper solution.
    Can you please provide the link to download the connector for MS Dynamic CRM or any document to integrate MS Dynamic CRM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
    Appreciate your help.


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