Dynamics CRM 2015 Copy Price List

Having a large number of products under a price list means, there are large amount of price list items associating with them. Whenever a new price list is added to the CRM, price lists items are to be created even if the prices are same in that price list.

“Copy Price List” is to duplicate an existing price list with a new name, new start date and a new end date with its price lists items. If there are any changes to be done to any price list items users can do that manually while the other items remaining the same.

Source Code and the Managed Solution available in CODEPLEX

The solution is perfect when a system has large number of products with many price lists adding but price list items are getting rarely changes. This has packaged to work with CRM 2015 directly but using the source code that can be used with previous versions of CRM as well.

Go through the following the steps to install it and use it !

Step 1 : Installing

Copy Price List Import Solution

Step 2 : Select the Existing Price List to be copied.

Existing Price List

Step 3 : Select the “Copy Price List” Dialog, Type required information and Finish.

Copy Price List

Step 4 : Check the New Price List and its Price List Items.

Newly Created Price List

Hope “Copy Price List” solution will be useful 🙂


Author: Indika Abayarathne

MSc in IT [University of Colombo] Solutions Architect | Consultant Technologies: Power Platform | Dynamics CE | Azure

7 thoughts on “Dynamics CRM 2015 Copy Price List”

  1. Hi,

    It does not work on the latest Dynamics CRM 2015, I got an error almost at the end of the installation process (Plugin assembly).

    Could you help me?

  2. Hi tried it with CRM Online – 2016 Update1 (Preview) got the same Plugin assembly issue when installing 😦

  3. Hello, I imported the solution to an 2016 environment.
    Opening the Start Dialog I get no available processes.
    CRM language is Greek and we have no English lang pack installed. Does this matters?

  4. Hello again,
    I’ve finally managed to make this work on a Greek Language CRM by creating a new Greek Dialog, containing the same parameters as the Solution’s English Dialog.
    I’m have also tested the process and both on an English environment and on my Greek, it does not copy the Discount List value of the Price List Items to the new ones.
    Could this be also implemented in the Solution?
    Kind Regards,

  5. Hi can’t seem to get this to work on 2016 off premise. Also do you have the project file i would like to play around with it and add a few fields

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