Coding Duel for Fun with Pex

Pex for fun is a simplified version of Pex. Nothing to do with any installation for playing with this and just log in to and play. Code editor supports C#,Visual Basic and F#, also intellisense capabilities are avalable in the editor itself.

Games are puzzles which has their own secret(hidden) implementations. Players can implement the code according to the clues given by Pex. Players can ask from Pex anytime that how close to the hidden or the expected implementation. There are random puzzles that players can picked up and allows new puzzles to be entered to the puzzles list.

These puzzle games are very interactive coding duelsa and it will improve the problem solving capabilities and recalling capabilities as well.

Pex for fun is now avalable in Windows Mobile.

 Pex In Windows Mobile
Lets see how to play and solve a puzzle.I got following puzzle and the Puzzle method getting one integer parameter and returns it. The puzzle has hiden its implementation.

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