Solution Enhancements in Dynamics CRM 2016

Clone a Patch, Clone Solution, and Apply Solution Upgrade are the cool new features released with Dynamics CRM 2016.

CRM Solution is an excellent way of transferring customizations from one environment to another and solution version helps to identify each set of customizations of transferring. CRM solutions will contain different components such as entities, processes, plugin assemblies, user roles etc…. There are two types of CRM solutions called unmanaged and managed. Usually, development environment of any CRM solution will contain the unmanaged solution and that will be transferred to test\production environment as a managed solution, which is not supposed to edit directly in those environments.

However when transferring CRM solutions from one environment to another, even if you change only one component or only one piece of a component you have to send the whole solution to the other environment to apply the change in the other solution.  Also, the changes will be applied in the other destination environment as soon as you import the managed solution from the development environment.


Dynamics CRM 2016 has set of new features added to solve the above difficulty and has introduced a more methodical way of managing patches and solution versions. Following topics describe those new features in detail using a CRM solution named “CORE” containing 3 system entities(Contact, Account and User) and one custom entity(Application). Continue reading “Solution Enhancements in Dynamics CRM 2016”