Team Foundation Service

Maintaining a Version Control System is an additional overhead for a software development team and its further difficult when the team members are connecting from different regions of the world from different networks. Some development teams use different tools with different programming languages and maintaining different types of source controls will be a challenge. Most of the time project managers track development progress from some other system and team members should log in to that system at the end of the day and log whatever the things they have done.

Microsoft provides Team Foundation Service for Source Controlling facilities as well as project management capabilities with Scrum templates.
TFS Preview

Team Foundation Service can be accessible from anywhere with IDEs like visual studio and eclipse. Development teams can be start working on their solution without thinking of managing infrastructure setup and maintainance in the their premises. It mainly provides following areas of services;

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Application Pool Recycling instead of Restarting IIS – CRM App Pool

Restarting or stopping IIS, or rebooting the Web server, is a server action. When restarting the Internet service, all sessions connected to the Web server (including Internet, FTP, SMTP, and NNTP) are dropped. Any data held in Web applications is lost. All Internet sites are unavailable until Internet services are restarted. For this reason, we should avoid restarting, stopping, or reboot the server if at all possible. IIS 6.0 includes application pool recycling and several other features that provide alternatives to restarting IIS. For a list of features designed to improve IIS reliability and remedy the need to restart IIS.

Restarting IIS (IIS 6.0)

All of the Internet services listed below, if installed, are affected when restarting IIS

Service Description
IIS Admin service This service manages all the services of IIS other than the WWW service (FTP, NMTP, and SMTP).
WWW service This service provides Web connectivity between clients and Web sites.
HTTP SSL service This service provides secure Web connectivity between clients and Web sites.
FTP service This service provides FTP connectivity and administration through IIS Manager.
SMTP service This service transports electronic mail across the network.
NNTP service This service transports network news across the network.

Internet Information Services (IIS) can be configured to periodically restart worker processes assigned to an application pool, which recycles faulty Web applications. Following example shows how to do it manually or using a batch file in a CRM environment.

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Good Book for beginning OOP with C++

The Book named “Object-oriented Programming with C++” by E. Balagurusamy, one of the best books I have ever read to learn and understand object oriented concepts as a beginner. I read it in 2002 for the first time and it was the 2nd edition of that book. The author uses real life simple examples to teach and express the real meaning of object oriented concepts. At the end of every chapter he gives a summery of that particular chapter and review questions. Now the publisher has released its 3rd edition.

Programming With Java- A Primer is another good book written by the same author.