Workflow must be in Published state

The above error message is displayed in Dynamics 365 and most of the developers\users will look around workflows as the error says "Workflow must be in Published state." E.g. Creating a case throws the above error with the following details. [Microsoft.Crm.Service.GlobalSlaPlugin: Microsoft.Crm.Service.GlobalSlaPlugin.SlaPostCreatePlugin] [ebd908b4-2c74-e811-a95d-000d3ae0bc37: ObjectModel Implementation] The issue is with SLA records associated with Case. Deactivating SLA … Continue reading Workflow must be in Published state

Status Change using WebApi

In Dynamics 365, OOTB status field value can be changed in many different ways. Following WebApi can be used to update the Status (statecode + statuscode) as follows. changeStatus = function (executionContext, entityLogicalName, recordId, statecode, statuscode) { // Remove brackets from the GUID if there's any var id = recordId.replace("{", "").replace("}", ""); // Set statecode … Continue reading Status Change using WebApi

Advanced Find – “NOT IN” Query is Supported in v9.0

Dynamics 365 9.0 supports "Not In" \ "Does Not Have" type of queries as an OOTB feature in Advanced Find. In previous versions of Dynamics 365 had no this feature but there were some custom solutions to facilitate this problem. The problem in previous versions :  This post (“Not In” \ “Does Not Have” Query … Continue reading Advanced Find – “NOT IN” Query is Supported in v9.0

Dynamics 365 : Promote to Admin

Promote to Admin feature allows any user in Dynamics 365 to make himself an Administrator in the system if the user is authorized from the Admin Center. Usually when you create an online instance of Sales/Customer Service by yourself but you won't be able to see most of the admin settings. If any user has been … Continue reading Dynamics 365 : Promote to Admin

Dynamics 365 – Copy Price List

Price List is a member of Product Catalog in Dynamics 365. The same product can have different prices depending on the geographical area, season, membership/customer level etc... A price list may contain all the prices (Price List Items) for a given set of products during a time period in Dynamics 365. Product Price List 2016 … Continue reading Dynamics 365 – Copy Price List

Dynamics 365 + CTI / IVR Integration

What is CTI / IVR? Computer Telephony Integration, CTI enables computer systems to interacts with the telephone system. There are two main forms of CTI which are Outbound dialing and Inbound call handling. Interactive Voice Response, IVR is a well-known technology which allows computer systems to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF(Dual … Continue reading Dynamics 365 + CTI / IVR Integration

Xrm.Utility : openEntityForm with Parameters

Using "openEntityForm" a CRM form can be opened. While it is opening, different form fields values can be populated and those values can be passed to the form. Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm(name,id,parameters,windowOptions) name: Entity Logical Name id: Record id parameters: Form id, Field Ids, and Values, Custom query string parameters windowOptions: Flag to open as a New Window … Continue reading Xrm.Utility : openEntityForm with Parameters