Dynamics 365 – Copy Price List

Price List is a member of Product Catalog in Dynamics 365. The same product can have different prices depending on the geographical area, season, membership/customer level etc… A price list may contain all the prices (Price List Items) for a given set of products during a time period in Dynamics 365.

Product Price List 2016 Price List 2017
Product 1 10
Product 2 20
Product N

Having a large number of products under a price list means, there are many price list items associating with them. Whenever a new price list is added to Dynamics 365, price lists items are to be created even if the prices are same in that price list.

Copy Price List” is to duplicate an existing price list with a new name, new start date and a new end date with its price lists items. If there are any changes to be done to any price list items users can do that manually while the other items remaining the same.ddd

Source Code, Unmanaged and the Managed Solution available in GitHub

Feel free to log issues if there’s any.

The solution is perfect when a system has a large number of products with many price lists adding but when most of the price list items are getting rarely changes. This has packaged to work with Dynamics 365.

Go through the following the steps to install the solution and to use it!

Step 1: Install the CopyPriceList solution.


Step 2: Open/Select an existing price list.


Step 3: Open the Process Dialog “Copy Price List”


Step 4: Type arguments as follows and click next, and then finish.

Note that, the New Price List End date is optional.


Step 5: Check whether the new price list has been created.


Step 6: Open the price list check whether the price list items have been created. Then change the price list item values to the products as needed.



Author: Indika Abayarathne

MSc in IT [University of Colombo] Solutions Architect | Consultant Technologies: Power Platform | Dynamics CE | Azure

One thought on “Dynamics 365 – Copy Price List”

  1. Hi Indika,
    this is good, I have another requirement whenever I’m selecting Price List while creating Quote,So in my Product subgrid ,all the products which are linked with that particual price list should come automatically,please let me know if you have any idea on it.
    Ashish shri

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