Microsoft Dynamics CRM content packs for Power BI – Web and Mobile

Power BI transforms data into rich visual forms such as Different Graphs, tables, Reports and into many more types. Power BI is capable of taking data from files, databases, and online services.

Power BI has Sales Manager and Service Manager content packs which can be used to connect to Dynamics CRM Online and Power BI. Following content packs can be used to connect and visualize a rich set of predefined Dashboards and Reports. Content packs use OData feeds to get data from OOTB entities in Dynamics CRM Online 2016.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Online Sales Manager Content Pack
  • Microsoft Dynamics Online Service Manager Content Pack

This is how you can use it with Power BI and Sample Data comes with Dynamics CRM 2016 Online have been used for examples.

1. Connect to Power BI with the Office 365 account.


2. Click on “Get” under the “Services” tile to get the content packs.


3. There are lots of content packs to connect to different applications. Search content packs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as follows. Select one at a time.


4. Get one by one into Power BI.


5. Connecting to the Dynamics CRM Online instance.


6. Select the Authentication method. For Dynamics CRM Online, it’s oAuth. Sign in, and it will popup for user credentials. The user needs system administrator role in Dynamics CRM.


7. Pre-Designed Dashboard for the Sales Manager.


8. Pre-Designed Reports for the Sales Manager.


9. Left navigation pane.

1 Favourites: any Dashboard can be added as a favourite.

Groups: available only for Pro accounts.


  • All Content,
  • My Content
  • Shared with me

Dashboards: OOTB Dashboards available for content packs.

New dashboards can be created with different Tiles including values, Charts, Maps and Tables.

Reports: OOTB Reports comes with content packs and new reports can be created.

Datasets: Each dataset for content packs which pulls data from OData service in Dynamics CRM.

10. Mobile App for Power BI and Dashboards\Reports views.

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Author: Indika Abayarathne

MSc in IT [University of Colombo] Solutions Architect | Consultant Technologies: Power Platform | Dynamics CE | Azure

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