Team Foundation Service

Maintaining a Version Control System is an additional overhead for a software development team and its further difficult when the team members are connecting from different regions of the world from different networks. Some development teams use different tools with different programming languages and maintaining different types of source controls will be a challenge. Most of the time project managers track development progress from some other system and team members should log in to that system at the end of the day and log whatever the things they have done.

Microsoft provides Team Foundation Service for Source Controlling facilities as well as project management capabilities with Scrum templates.
TFS Preview

Team Foundation Service can be accessible from anywhere with IDEs like visual studio and eclipse. Development teams can be start working on their solution without thinking of managing infrastructure setup and maintainance in the their premises. It mainly provides following areas of services;

  • Source Control
    Agile Planning
    Test Execution
    Continous Builds
  • It just take only few minutes to create an tfs account and can continue work with software solution with other team members. Following images will show some scrum techniques coming under Team Foundation Service.

    Following image shows the tfs home. It has quick links and useful information regarding the tfs solution.

    tfs Home

    In the Visual Studio IDE, under the team explorer it facilitate to connect to the TFS and shows quick links.

    Team Explorer

    All the options that need to deal with source control are provided as same as team foundation client.

    Solution Explorer

    Backlog items, Sprint details are listed here under the Backlog tab.


    On the board it shows tasks created, impediments and bugs raised in each sprint and their assigned user and the status.


    Under the work items it shows all the items and it shows detailed history for each item.


    Author: Indika Abayarathne

    MSc in IT [University of Colombo] Solutions Architect | Consultant Technologies: Power Platform | Dynamics CE | Azure

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